Aao Jannat Pukarti Hai By Maulana Tariq Jameel آؤ جنت پکارتی ہے


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Aao Jannat Pukarti Hai - آؤ جنت پکارتی ہے

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  1. mdasif

    So nice books

  2. ansari shamshad

    assalamu alaikum

  3. aadil ahmad

    masha alllah

  4. Dr Munawar Anees

    You are doing a great service but uploading scanned books on Islamic subjects. May Allah bless you. There is no need to put these books as “secured” documents. More tan that, by putting a big diagonal watermark the text’s readability and beauty of the document are severely affected. Since you’re doing it to disseminate knowledge,please pay respect to the integrity of books. Making it “secure” and flooding it with huge watermarks serve no purpose. Thank you for your attention.

    1. Best Urdu Books

      Baat apki teek hai lekin kitab ko kissi rad-o-badal k bagher post karnay me qanooni majboorian hain, waisy b hamari koshish hoti hi k kitab ki ebarat mahfooz ho aur musannif ka kalam mukammal ho…..jis par hamari editing asar andaz nhi hoti.

      Editing k bagher post karnay MAZERAT kartay hn….Shukria

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