Tareekh E Farishta By Muhammad Qasim Farishta تاریخ فرشتہ

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Tareekh E Farishta


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  1. main ye kehntey huey mussart say labraiz hun k muslim muarrikheen nay mustand twareekh say hum ko behraman karkay apney shandar mazi sy aaga kia aur in jhrokun say yaadi raftagan uzzam say hamkinar kia. jazakumullaho khair wa ahsan u jaza

  2. tarike farista ekh jhazana hai…

    1. He has done injustices at some places to rely on fictions and legends to portray a bleak and concocted picture of those people and races whom he did not like due to his prejudices and religious beliefs. A historian who take revenge through fabricated story is doing great injustice to the posterity.

  3. Salam. You can not imagine how badly i was looking for this Book, Tareekh-e-Farishta. Thanks to Allah today i found it. Jazak Allah.

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