Fuyooz Ul Quran By Dr. Sayed Hamid Hasan Balgrami فیوض القران

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Fuyooz Ul Quran

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  1. Muhammad Sohail Umer

    Ma Sha Allah g Allah Paak Khush rkhy ap ko bht bht shukria i love this tafseer Syed Hamid bilgarami sab Allah Paak slamat rkhy ap ko

  2. Sahar

    It is such a pleasure reading the translation now. It is easy to understand and gives a little reference to the context… shaan e nuzool.
    Extremely grateful to you for making this available online. You have no idea how much ajr you must be getting! It is easy now to read Quraan on Tab with meanings. So enjoyable with large fonts. Jazak Allah kk.

  3. S. A

    I have gone through this commentary. I feel, without being prejudiced, this will be acceptable to all sects if they really read into it. In the heart of reader’s heart, it inculcates love, affection honor & respect for the holy prophet (saw) that is the intention of Allah (swt). The other books of the said author may please be uploaded also.

    1. Syed Shahid

      Yes ! I agree الحمدلله Best commentary done under the teachings and spiritual guidance of his Ustad e Mohtarram which made it quite easy for younger generation to understand. جزاک الله خیرا احسن الجزا

  4. B

    Assalamoallaikum, JazakAllah khairan for uploading this. Would u be able to upload some of Dr. Bilgrami’s other books as well such as Noor e Mubeen, Saebaan e Rehmat, Tanweer e Sehr, Hurf e Akhir..

    May Allah reward you. Aameen

  5. Aminul Haque

    SUBHANALLAH & MASHALLAH! I don’t know how to thank you and appreciate your Himalayan gesture of uploading this authentic translation of Quran Kareem approved by the Ulemas of both the school of thought. I would ,no doubt, inform my friends and relatives to easily avail reading of this much sought after translation of Quran Pak.
    May Allah SubhanAllah-o-Taaala bless you a lot.

    1. Best Urdu Books

      Thanks for your Best Comment, Ameen for your Doas….
      Dher Sari doaen Ap sab k lie….

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